About Us


Our Process

Middle Dune is a small handmade paper goods business based in Somerville, MA. Run by Sylvia Tomayko-Peters and operated out of her studio, all our notebooks, cards, and paper products are hand printed and bound with care. We love print making and use a variety of methods in our work including letterpress printing on our beautiful antique machine name Belle (she's foot powered!) and screen printing which will always be our first love. All our books are bound by hand for you using some of the most ancient and tested methods on the planet.


Our Story

Middle Dune was born out of Sylvia's constant search for the perfect notebook. As a writer, artist, list maker, and doodler, the right binding or paper can make all the difference, so she figured, why not make her own? We hope you enjoy the results.

The name Middle Dune refers to Sylvia's childhood home on Cape Cod, MA. Perched atop a windy sand dune, the family used to say that their house was one dune away from the water and one dune from the road, thus it was on the "middle dune." Growing up with two visual artist parents, Sylvia has always been immersed in the arts and finds it difficult to imagine not using her hands to create.